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Just Got Back: Southports RDC Meeting #1 4JUN12

Just Got Back:  Southports RDC Meeting #1   4JUN12

120604 SoRDC Meeting: This first official meeting of the Southport Redevelopment Commission (SoRDC) was opened by Mayor Testruth and handed to the Commissioners for their internal actions. Russel McClure was quickly selected as RDC Chairman, Duane Langreck as Vice Chair, Roger Harris as Secretary and Jim Cooney as Treasurer. RDC Member Jim Keller also attended as did Councilor N Schmoll. Rob Bettcher, Larry Tunget, Mary Winslow and I followed along from the public gallery. Regular monthly meetings were … Read entire article »

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Just Got Back: Southport’s 2013 Budget Meeting #1 6JUN12

Just Got Back: Southport’s 2013 Budget Meeting #1     6JUN12

antivirus software reviews p align=”left”>120606 (2013) Budget Meeting: This first meeting to address the 2013 municipal budget was called by Mayor Testruth and properly published through posting of an official notice on the city bulletin board at 6901 Derbyshire Rd.  Remarkably, the meeting was not posted on the city’s website. I can’t remember an organizational meeting like this one that has occurred in Southport over many, many years and believe it is the first of its kind. As … Read entire article »

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RDC Established in Southport

Southport Council members established the City’s first Redevelopment Commission (RDC) at their monthly meeting this past Monday night with little fanfare. It’s been 4 long years after former Mayor Robin Thoman first introduced the benefits of an RDC to the Southport Council. Mayoral (3) and Council (2) appointments for RDC Commissioners were announced at the same meeting. Russell McClure (certified urban planner), Duane Langreck (registered architect) and James Keller (licensed plumber) were announced as Mayor Testruth’s appointees while Jim Cooney (councilmember) and southside realtor Roger Harris were noted as Common Council appointments. Establishing the RDC has been a long process for the City. It met strong opposition in 2008 from three Southport council members, Rose Harrison, Susan Schmoll and Greg Dant in spite of overwhelming support from Southport citizens, regional officials and … Read entire article »

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Southport Councilors Flip-Flop

I thought our neighbors might benefit from reading Councilor Larry Tungets past letters describing his unwillingness to approve the establishment of a Redevelopment Commission (RDC) in Southport.  His recent vote(s) to approve such an Ordinance that establishes an RDC astounds me.  In 2008, the astute Mr. Tunget was worried that an RDC would bring in “fresh business that would [hurt] existing business”.  His logic then, and now confuses me.  In 2009, Mr. Tunget encouraged the Southport Councilors to vote NO unless the council itself could control the committee.  He knows very well that the statutes have not changed and commission seats remain a majority appointment by the mayor.   He also wrote of his fear that the commission would serve offer personal gain for these new board members at the expense of citizens and taxpayers. … Read entire article »

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Mayor’s Matters: November 2011

Back in the April issue of Southport Matters, I introduced the philosophies of Aspire, Achieve and Advance and began to describe how I believed these concepts related to Southport and to the Southside community. Beginning with ASPIRE in June; I discussed the importance of vision, planning and expectations in our City. In the September Southport Matters, I outlined how we can ACHIEVE aspirations using empowering community qualities of caring, giving, welcoming, joining, accepting and forgiving.  I also challenged my successor and the next Council to achieve twice as much as my administration did, so our community can continue to move forward.  With this final issue of Southport Matters, I am sharing how the concept of ADVANCE involved our three community goals and has resulted in achievements, celebrations and reflections.  Webster’s definition of ADVANCE … Read entire article »

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No one benefits from caustic remarks.

Regarding the City of Southport’s financial situation, our community and my administration are challenged with important realities as Southport strives (struggles) to move forward. Our small size and limited resources make it difficult to attract skilled capable residents to city government. Not only must one be capable – one must also be willing – and live in within the borders of the city. Recent incivilities in the nation, the state and yes, right here in our own small city has considerably reduced the number of capable individuals who want to step up to volunteer their time. If you rely on volunteers, one must also accept the limitations when those valued volunteers experience the inevitable conflicts with time, family and career. Ask yourself; how willing are you to volunteer your time to … Read entire article »

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