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Perry Township Schools wants a 115 percent property tax increase

 Perry Township Schools wants to raise our property taxes 115 percent. They already get $46 million from property taxes toward their $180 million annual budget.  School administrators now want $53 million more of your money for their referenda, which amounts to $500 for every resident in Perry Township. It does not matter whether you have a job, are unemployed, retired, rent, own a home or run a business. They want each household to dig into their pockets and pay an average of $1,200. I say not so fast. Before we sign off on this tax increase, there are some things you should know as a voter and resident. Perry Schools tried to pass a $113 million referendum in 2010, but we turned them down. The district came back in 2011 with … Read entire article »

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The OPINION Conversation

The Opinion Conversation is important to me because it allows people the freedom to say “no”. If I cannot accept those that say “no”, then their “yes” will have no meaning. Friends and neighbors must have a chance to express their doubts and reservations as a way of clarifying their roles, needs, and yearnings within the vision and mission being created. I believe that genuine commitment begins with doubt, and “no” is a symbolic expression of people finding their space and role in the strategy. It is only when we fully understand what people do not want that we can fully design what they do want. Refusal is the foundation for commitment. Saying “no” to the continuing decline of our community is where my commitment to my Southport community began. … Read entire article »

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It’s Time to Tone it Down

As the election season swings into full gear we are again barraged with political advertisements and news reports pitting one candidate against the other. The combative climate is marked by an atmosphere of confrontational and uncivil discourse. Although there have always been political divisions, heated debates and disagreements on matters of policy, the polarization in our country seems greater than ever. There is little incentive to reach consensus. In fact, suggesting that the other side might actually have an idea worthy of consideration is tantamount to political suicide. The desire for personal advancement takes precedence over the critical needs of the public welfare, the civil good. Gaining power takes priority over solving problems. Jim Leach, chairman of the National Endowment of the Humanities and a former U.S. representative from Iowa, was recently … Read entire article »

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The OWNERSHIP Conversation

adobe acrobat reader download p>The Ownership Conversation is one that focuses on who is responsible for Southport’s future successes or failure as a healthy, thriving community. We began the journey by asking ourselves the question, “How have I contributed to creating the current reality of Southport’s decline?” I recognize that confusion, blame and waiting for someone else to change are defenses against ownership and personal power. I asked myself, “Am I going to be part of the future solution or, by my inaction, allow Southport to remain mired in the problems of the past?” This conversation with myself is the reason I feel obligated to participate in all of the conversations and to respond proactively rather than reactively. … Read entire article »

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