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JUST GOT BACK: 11th Annual Mayor’s Diversity Awards

I enjoyed an invitation to the 2012 Celebration of Diversity Awards this past Wednesday, courtesy of Mayor Ballard and last year’s Sam Jones recipient, Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Thanks Shelby. It was my first time to attend this 11th annual event and I genuinely enjoyed the ceremony.  These kinds of events usually thicken my throat and cause me to tear up – just a little.  If I’m lucky, I can face away from the crowd so nobody knows I’m choked up.  It’s a problem when I’m the one front-and-center and it dawns on me that something special was accomplished.  It’s hard to avoid an emotional display.  I know that sounds corny but when I see or hear of my neighbors who are passionate about their community accomplish meaningful achievements; I get all tingly … Read entire article »

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Who can make the kids OK? Can we achieve?

As far as I can determine (and I’ve asked him), no school superintendent has told Mayor Greg Ballard how to fix the streets or fight crime.  Things are a long way from satisfactory in both those areas; but who are a bunch of educators to tell infrastructure experts and police brass how to do their jobs? Back at you. Who is this mayor, and who are his predecessors, to tell people trained and steeped in pedagogy that they’re doing a lousy job and need city hall to take over? I jumped at the opportunity to pose that question during Ballard’s recent visit with The Star’s Editorial Board because I see a yawning fundamental gap in the education “reform” movement being ramrodded by politicians without education backgrounds. That is, they know they don’t like … Read entire article »

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