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Just Got Back: Southport’s 2013 Budget Meeting #1 6JUN12

Just Got Back: Southport’s 2013 Budget Meeting #1     6JUN12

antivirus software reviews p align=”left”>120606 (2013) Budget Meeting: This first meeting to address the 2013 municipal budget was called by Mayor Testruth and properly published through posting of an official notice on the city bulletin board at 6901 Derbyshire Rd.  Remarkably, the meeting was not posted on the city’s website. I can’t remember an organizational meeting like this one that has occurred in Southport over many, many years and believe it is the first of its kind. As … Read entire article »

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Southport Aware of Suspect 12 hours Before Murder

Southport Aware of Suspect 12 hours Before Murder

Mayor Testruth confirmed at the 21May12 Council meeting that he was indeed notified that Lori Barcroft was sleeping on a picnic table Friday night 18MAY12 - the evening before tragedy struck the Iseminger family and Southport community.  Barcroft was later arrested the next morning, 19MAY12 on suspicion of murder.  Testruth did not reveal if he alerted suspended SoPD Chief Randy Ellison.  A review of the MAY 2012 SoPD Patrol Schedule revealed that no SoPD officers were assigned to patrol the City during the time … Read entire article »

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Aspire. Achieve. Advance

The Initial Invitation ~ Aiming Higher                 Welcome, and thank you for taking your time to see why Southport matters to us. If you are like many of my neighbors who think that our small community can be much more, this is the place to learn how we, both as individuals and as a group of concerned residents working together can make a difference. Many people tell me they have often thought that Southport could be so much more. I invite you to be part of the conversation and part of the transformation. It is my hope that you will participate and together we can own the relationships, tasks and processes that can lead to success. I urge you to aim higher. Our neighborhoods can be more, much more. Please join … Read entire article »

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Mayor’s Matters: November 2011

Back in the April issue of Southport Matters, I introduced the philosophies of Aspire, Achieve and Advance and began to describe how I believed these concepts related to Southport and to the Southside community. Beginning with ASPIRE in June; I discussed the importance of vision, planning and expectations in our City. In the September Southport Matters, I outlined how we can ACHIEVE aspirations using empowering community qualities of caring, giving, welcoming, joining, accepting and forgiving.  I also challenged my successor and the next Council to achieve twice as much as my administration did, so our community can continue to move forward.  With this final issue of Southport Matters, I am sharing how the concept of ADVANCE involved our three community goals and has resulted in achievements, celebrations and reflections.  Webster’s definition of ADVANCE … Read entire article »

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Who can make the kids OK? Can we achieve?

As far as I can determine (and I’ve asked him), no school superintendent has told Mayor Greg Ballard how to fix the streets or fight crime.  Things are a long way from satisfactory in both those areas; but who are a bunch of educators to tell infrastructure experts and police brass how to do their jobs? Back at you. Who is this mayor, and who are his predecessors, to tell people trained and steeped in pedagogy that they’re doing a lousy job and need city hall to take over? I jumped at the opportunity to pose that question during Ballard’s recent visit with The Star’s Editorial Board because I see a yawning fundamental gap in the education “reform” movement being ramrodded by politicians without education backgrounds. That is, they know they don’t like … Read entire article »

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