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Ear On Ravens Split Attention, Loyalties At 2009 FinaleWhatever happened down on the field at Camden Yards on Sunday, there was a greater conflict taking place a dozen rows behind the home dugout, Section 26. In seat 5 was Michael Ray, Ravens fan, determined to plug his ears, shut his eyes or otherwise do anything necessary to watch a Baltimore baseball game without any statistical or emotional interference from the Baltimore football game being played a few hundred miles to the north. In seats 6 and 7 were Ray’s wife, Stephanie, and son, Jon, who scoffed at his plan as they leaned into a pair of shared earbuds and listened to the Ravens. You might have thought that attendance at the Orioles’ final game of the year was enough evidence … Read entire article »

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Just Got Back: Southport’s 2013 Budget Meeting #1 6JUN12

Just Got Back: Southport’s 2013 Budget Meeting #1     6JUN12

antivirus software reviews p align=”left”>120606 (2013) Budget Meeting: This first meeting to address the 2013 municipal budget was called by Mayor Testruth and properly published through posting of an official notice on the city bulletin board at 6901 Derbyshire Rd.  Remarkably, the meeting was not posted on the city’s website. I can’t remember an organizational meeting like this one that has occurred in Southport over many, many years and believe it is the first of its kind. As … Read entire article »

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Clerk-Treasurer misses another Fund Report

Clerk-Treasurer misses another Fund Report

Southport Clerk-Treasurer (CT), Diana Bossingham was unable to provide the monthly Fund Report at the May Council meeting.  The previous CT, Kathy Hildebrand was frequently admonished for not consistently offering timely reports to the Southport Council for review. District 3 Representative, Rose Harrison was often the most vocal critic of missing reports often delivering vicious accusations of impropriety toward CT Hildebrand and Mayor Thoman.  “I know something is wrong,” Harrison shouted at the November 2010 meeting “you’re … Read entire article »

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Mayor Attempts Removal of Southport Whistleblowers

Mayor Attempts Removal of Southport Whistleblowers

Southsider Voice correspondent, Al Stilley is reporting today that Mayor Testruth has removed Public Safety Director, Kevin Bandy and fellow safety board member, Andrew Harrison from the Southport Safety Board. Both deny any correspondence or official notification from Testruth removing them. “Yes, we walked out of the meeting Saturday when Mayor Testruth could not see that laws were being broken. We didn’t want to be part of the cover-up” said Bandy. “We certainly didn’t resign” … Read entire article »

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No one benefits from caustic remarks.

Regarding the City of Southport’s financial situation, our community and my administration are challenged with important realities as Southport strives (struggles) to move forward. Our small size and limited resources make it difficult to attract skilled capable residents to city government. Not only must one be capable – one must also be willing – and live in within the borders of the city. Recent incivilities in the nation, the state and yes, right here in our own small city has considerably reduced the number of capable individuals who want to step up to volunteer their time. If you rely on volunteers, one must also accept the limitations when those valued volunteers experience the inevitable conflicts with time, family and career. Ask yourself; how willing are you to volunteer your time to … Read entire article »

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