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Mayor Relieves Ellison & Bick from Command @ SoPD

Mayor Testruth today relieved both Chief Ellison and Asst. Chief Bick from their command positions today after learning from ILEA the neither have acheived the necessary certification to serve as police officers in Indiana.

Remarkably, this is exactly what we brough to the Board of Public Safety this Saturday past and dismissed as unimportant.  Seasoned professionals and Board member walked out in protest after Testruth dismissed their concerns.  Ellison admited the he had authorized a marked vehicle, badge, radio and police powers for Bick.  He additionally confirmed that Bick had been using these powers to stop, detain and arrest unwary citizens.


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2 comments on “Mayor Relieves Ellison & Bick from Command @ SoPD

  1. Is it true that Bill Bick finally found his moral ground and did the right thing for the City by resigning?

    Now Curtis Johnson is the assistant Chief? How can this be when he also works for IMPD? Is he being paid by Southport like I have heard?

    Has anyone checked to see if he is being double paid for the same duties and is not involved in ghost employment? Does IMPD know that he works for the City also?

    The mayor better be finding out who he has on his department and what is exactly going on, or he is going to let the Police Department drag him down to just plain incompetent status. Not that his administration is so very close to that status already. This is getting worse by the day!!!

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