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Tragedy Strikes Southport

It is with surprise, sadness and sorrow that I learned that Southport and humanity has lost a friend today.

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that Bethel Memorial Pastor and Southport neighbor, Jaman Iseminger was senselessly shot and killed earlier this morning at his church on Southport Rd.  He is survived by his devoted wife Amanda and two year old daughter.  Pastor Jaman‘s parents, Gina and Scott Iseminger have lived and served in our community for decades.  There are not many local families with such a positive and lasting impact in Southport.

So few individuals have walked the walk, and talked the talk as has Jaman.  He left Southport to learn better how to serve attending Oral Roberts University and Indiana Wesleyan.  The pastor returned to his home town to give back and began supporting the Bethel Memorial Church to serve in the community he grew up in.  He and Amanda moved to Southport and worked each day helping his community and his world become a better place.  He started a family here.

There are many people in our town who contribute but none who did it every day with both thoughts and actions.  Jaman served his congregation and his community well and became a shining example of what was good in Southport.  He was young, energetic and passionate about his role in the community.  Everybody knew Jaman as kind, generous and strong of character and faith.  He represented Christians and his God so very well.

I was lucky to meet and grew to know Jaman over the years as we both moved in neighborhood circles.  I wish I knew him better.  He wasn’t the kind of person you could point to as an obvious hero, but I’m sure he was much more a public servant than I was.  He was quietly, outwardly making a difference.  I was envious of his compassion and composure and wished that I had but a tiny bit of his character.   He never complained and always appreciated any help the City,his nieghbors or that Carole and I guided his direction.

I’m angry today to learn that he is gone and just plain confused on how such a tragedy occurrs.  He family and friends are in my thoughts as I search for meaning in our loss.  We’ll never get over it;  we just get through it.  Perhaps in time after the pain of this loss has been absorbed, we can put into perspective the true importance of his life.  A life lived for others.

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2 comments on “Tragedy Strikes Southport

  1. This is truely a tragic senseless loss to the community. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and his congregation. We all are anxious to find out why this happened to Jaman. R.I.P.

  2. Such a tragedy deserves quick attention by the police. If the murder was the result of a compulsion on the part of the murderer, she needs help immediately! May Jaman Iseminger’s family be comforted by their faith in God!