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Clerk-Treasurer misses another Fund Report

Southport Clerk-Treasurer (CT), Diana Bossingham was unable to provide the monthly Fund Report at the May Council meeting.

 The previous CT, Kathy Hildebrand was frequently admonished for not consistently offering timely reports to the Southport Council for review. District 3 Representative, Rose Harrison was often the most vocal critic of missing reports often delivering vicious accusations of impropriety toward CT Hildebrand and Mayor Thoman. 

“I know something is wrong,” Harrison shouted at the November 2010 meeting “you’re both up to no good”.  Harrison and Thoman were often at odds over the reports and register of claims. Remarkably, Harrison was strangely silent at the May meeting, the third time that Bossingham failed to have the report ready for consideration by the public and councilors.

 “We all wished that the reports were available,” explained former mayor Rob Thoman. “It’s surprising now to see how quiet Councilor Harrison is now that her Team Southport is in charge”. “The toxicity she espoused while Hildebrand served didn’t’ help matters and added to the incivility that we all experienced”.

 Monthly Fund Reports summarize the income and expense for each unique city account used in municipal accounting. Claims are paid from these separate funds and the totals are then reconciled each month.

 Troubles began at the beginning of Bossingham‘s term when the clerk-treasurers computer suspiciously became inoperable only days after official records were transferred to Testruth and Bossingham.  According to reports from City tech support personnel, Bossingham broke the recharging outlet in the laptop.  A new computer was purchased and the accounting software never transferred over leaving months of corrections outside of Bossingham‘s new reports.

 Hildebrand provided training and confirmed the accounting records with Bossingham in the days following Team Southport’s inauguration on January 1st, 2012.  Both successfully worked with the hardware and software in the first days of Bossingham’s term.

 It’s no wonder that Testruth and Bossingham don’t understand the financial condition of the City.  She doesn’t know what monies belong in which account.  She’s using records from an earlier reconciliation and can’t find the end-of-year corrections added in December 2011.

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13 comments on “Clerk-Treasurer misses another Fund Report

  1. Who really needs to see the monthly financial reports anyway? It is complex and hard to explain to the citizens. Perhaps the job is just challenging for anybody doing the job, regardless of who the Mayor is or what administration. Does the CT need some extra help?

    It was fun to watch councilor Harrison explode with such passion and disdain on citizen Thoman, screaching to him in her sweet voice, reminding once again that the former CT did not have her Monthly Reports done. Duh, we know already. I have had to listen to her for years complain on the previous administration. What does any of that have to do with today, 5 months into 2012? Her silence on the topics concerning Southport speaks loud and reveals a hypocricy that is UGLY! Mabey in June it will be o.k.

  2. LOL! Remember the song, “Where have all the young men gone?” A line from it, “When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn,” seems so often appropriate!!!

  3. I really like that song from POISON..EVERY ROSE HAS IT’S THORN. I am not saying that Poison, or a Rose, or Thorn’s have anything to do with Southport. I just find myself humming that title at Council Meetings, and I don’t know why.

  4. I think somebody owes former CT Kathy Hildebrand a huge apology. It looks more and more like it was never about the outrage of monthly financial reports, but manufactured anger to smear and cause headaches for the former Mayor. It was such a shame the way some Council members treated her. She was used and verbally abused by the Council. I am interested in what goes on in my community, but I would never want to be on the wrong side of “Southport Power.” Thank you Kathy for stepping up as a citizen and contributing in a difficult situation and doing your best. Hold your head up high Kathy, some people see everything for what it is.

  5. Looks like the esteemed “Team Southport” doesn’t know what it’s doing. It’s interesting now that the shoe is on the other foot that a lack of a funds report is just fine and dandy with the council.

  6. @ I Scream & Humming Tunes,

    Reading your judgemental and infantile responses, I respond with the following excerpt on Judging Others by J. R. Miller

    “A great deal of our judging of others—is mis-judging or unjust judging, because of the fragmentariness of our knowledge of their personal lives and experiences. It would ofttimes grieve us, and make us sorely ashamed of ourselves, if, when we have judged another severely—we should be shown a glimpse of the other’s inner life, revealing hidden sorrows and struggles which are the cause of the things in him, which we have blamed so much.

    We have only a most partial view of another’s life—and cannot form absolutely unerring judgments on what we see and know. We see only one side of an act, when there may be another side which altogether changes its quality. On the back side of the tapestry, is but a blurred mass of yarn; while the other side, is exquisite beauty.

    Life is full of similar two-sided views of people and of acts. We see a man out in the world, and he appears harsh and stern. We see him some day at home where his invalid child lies and suffers, and there he is another man—kindly, thoughtful, with almost motherly gentleness. It would have been most unjust to this man—if we had made up our judgment of him from the outside view alone, without seeing him in his child’s sick-room……”

    Council member Rose Harrison is a cancer survivor, along with her husband Frank, whom she has been married to for 56 years. She isn’t this ugly, vengeful person you want to believe. She has a strong opinion, as you obviously do as well. So, I pray you take the time to reflect on your own life before you judge others.

    • Dear Angel,
      Thanks for your thoughtful reply. You’ve put a fair bit of thought into your response – and you’re right.

      Rarely do we (myself included) try hard enough to look at the other side of the tapestry – and we all judge, ALL OF US. We judge others without knowing the entire story before our judgment is cemented in our minds. Lest we not forget; we judge ourselves too. Rose too judges; and harshly.

      One strong insight that I gained while in public service that supports and guides me yet today: If you (I) were not (was not) there; you can’t possibly know the entire story.

      Your description of Councilor Harrison shows that you know so much more of the story, but yet, you (nor I) can know the entire story.

      With conversations (and insight) we all can benefit. Thanks too for adding to the discussion with civility.

  7. Angel,

    James Russell Miller (1840-1912) was indeed a wise man, and comforted troops as a minister in the Civil War. That is respected!
    I have nothing against Councilor Harrison personally, and I know that she is a cancer survivor. I simply observe her actions and words in public council meetings, and they are very far from the words and wisdom of J. R. Miller. Perhaps she should take your advice and do some serious self reflections and not judge others so harshly in a public setting. If Councilors want to berate citizens they serve and ignore their duties as councilors, what citizen really cares how wonderful they are in private company? If Councilor Harrison does not like her public reputation that she has earned over the years, that is not my problem!

  8. The city of Southport Team of ’012 has to clean up the mess left by its predecessors. This website is no better then the gossip ones found out on the vast internet, filled with uneducated judgement. Can’t wait for the gavel to be slammed down upon those that judge so harshly!!!

    • Dear Know-The-Facts,
      There is always a lot to clean up from a previous administration. When a new administrative team takes control of the municipal ship it is typically changing course and the new captain has little awareness of the charts (political landscape), engine power (available resources) and steering (statutory authority) of that ship. A steep learning curve prevents an immediate result so there seems to be a lot of work.

      In Southport, there is a 7 month head start before the new job actually begins. That’s a lot of time to think about what one wants to change – or correct from the direction of an earlier administration.

      If you think that the gossip or statements that you read on this site shouldn’t be believed, just add your real name to any dispute and contribute your correcting comments. I’d love to hear another side of the story from a source that isn’t afraid to be anonymous. Add your two-cents worth.

  9. For years Diana Bossingham ran the ISSCH Alumni Association.

    I went to a few alumni meetings and asked some serious questions about where the money was going. I was always just overlooked. I felt sorry for the new president because he had to endure a lot of bad days trying to decide weather to push harder to get answers or just let it go and let time get rid of the bad apples. I hope She doesn’t get a chance to run that great organization onto the ground again.

  10. Few of our readers will know that the ISSCH Alumni Association is affiliated with the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Childrens Home in Knightstown, IN.

    I hope that her experience there prepared her for her new public service responsibilities. Proficiencies in the complexities of multi-fund, municipal accounting and government compliance takes years to develop. If she continues with the progress she has already demonstrated, our city will be better off than it has in many years.

    Remarkably, she is likely to become the most knowledgable elected official in the city. I hope she can offer capacity toward the vision for the city and not just he mundane number crunching and reporting requirements.

    Tell us more Ohio Man!

  11. I’m not sure what system Southport uses.

    I do know that Diana didn’t keep very good records [during] her term and as a result ISSCH was lucky not to be audited. All donations went to her personal checking account and from what I was told they could not find hardly any donation recorded. [When the home was being closed] many people donated for the cause. I tried to get a [report] from the treasurer many times bit was told I couldn’t get it.
    I called the current officers and they sent me one. Knowing that time has passed and they now have all of the bank, pay pal, and checking [accounts] in the organizations name now, I seen that they know what they are doing now.