4 comments on “De Activate Southport Matters, Nevah!

  1. I’ve been accused of being a sour-puss and just using this web site to sting the current administration. I guess that’s true sometimes. But it didn’t start out that way. It’s just that a big part of the news lately reflects poorly on those in charge right now; especially the chief of police.

    It’s also been said lately that my sense of humor diminishes the value of the content and that others who might be watching or gathering information from these reports (News from Main St.) might not take these postings as seriously. I guess that’s a fair accusation too.

    I really didn’t begin this blog anticipating that it might be a record of legal or illegal activities. It shouldn’t be. There are far too many reasons to use this site as a place for conversation, feedback and dialogue.

    It’s likely that my writing and editorial skills will improve with time and that this site will take on a different shape as it evolves.

    Thanks for taking the time to read SOUTHPORTMATTERS.org.

  2. I think its a splendid blog. Those is Southport need to lighten up and relax. Southport has been and is a nice place to live.


    I never agreed with everything you did ie.. the prayer issue. However you were very refreshing compared to your previous mayors- Anderson and Ms. Tunget. With that said, we must always remember to keep this blog civil. What has happened to the police Department was going to happen eventually. You can’t find good officers that want to work for the city at 15 an hour when they can go make 25 . A good start would get a Chief that looks at Soutport for what it is and not make it into somthing it isn’t.

    • Dear Somebody,

      I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for contributing to the conversation.

      About good officers: we were able (Steve Davis was able) to fill the ranks with VOLUNTEERS who (mostly) good people doing things for the right reasons. Sure, there might have been a bad apple or two but I didn’t see it that way. Generally, I found a variety of reasons that these officers would serve. Some, just to keep a hand in the field of public safety that they loved or enjoyed. Others volunteered so they could maintain certification and training. A few served in Southport to enjoy certification that allowed them to work in some other capacity that required affiliation with a PD. remember, just about ALL were volunteers. Even the Chief only made (roughly) $35,000 and worked no fewer than 40 hours and on call 24/7.

      On the matter of city sponsored prayer: Yes, there were more than a few who disagreed with that decision. Most of us have deeply held beliefs surrounding this issue. It was a difficult decision and it became a “sticky wicket” once it surfaced. You can imagine how many facets might be involved. The bottom line for me was that nobody should be subjected to ANY religious rituals, ceremonies, prayer sessions or proselytizing at or around public meetings. This (personal) interpretation is sure to raise some dissagreement but so will just about any other justification. For the most part, we should agree to disagree so we can continue with other, more constructive conversations.

      On the topic of civility, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know (and quickly) if you think ANY of the conversations become uncivil. I haven’t run into it yet although I might have a jaundiced eye. I’ll ask my web designer if we can add a plug-in for readers to mark distasteful comments.

  3. Rob,

    Public Safety has changed a great deal in the last several years. Gone are the times when Southport could hire a full time Chief and then hire several part-time officers from other departments and not worry about the training, equipment, background ect ect. The city was able to pay very low pay because the officers were happy to work in the laid back environment provided by Ron Rexroat in the 80′s and middle to late 90′s.The pay was “ok” and they had a great working relationship with MCSD. Officers Hotseller and Van Meter were actually road deputies with MCSD. However, things changed with money. The pay could not stay up with what officers could get elsewhere. There was a 10 dollar difference. Soon , good officers stop stopped coming by to apply with Southport. The city settled with less trained officers and went with the reserve model in some cases. The product became lessened a as many police noticed, especially after the merger. The City would not be covered as it use to be and it was common among the IMPD that Southport was hiring officers that couldn’t get a job elsewhere.

    The answer is simple. Southport needs to have a written agreement in place with IMPD. Southport will take care of the city during the day Mon-Friday. The “paid” Chief will cover those hours along with one other officer or whatever they can afford. The rest of the time, IMPD will cover. Along with this will include investigations and any and all catastrophic events. The citizens will come out ahead and that is what matters, not the ego of a few.