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Just Got Back: IACT Clerk-Treasurers School 30MAY12

1200530 IACT Clerk-Treasurers School:

My third, and the 9th Annual Clerk-Treasurers School offered by the Indiana  Association of Cities and Towns (IACT) provided knowledge on subjects essential to the job of the clerk-treasurer (CT) and allowed both new and experienced city officials to develop in their profession. Every ellected official should participate in this excellent opportunity to learn about of important topics from well-informed and experienced speakers.   

Although our mayor and councilors are welcome to participte, only CT Diane Bossingham attended for Southport.  It was nice to see her there and comforting to know of her dedication to her office.

Sessions included details about payroll, municipal websites, the State Board of Accounts Gateway Project, the essence of public meetings and minutes. Also included were programs on managing risk (municipal insurance coverage), open door law and access to public records.

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