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Just Got Back: IRTC/MPO Meeting 6JUN12

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (iMPO) is the designated local body charged with conducting a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning processes in the urbanized area of central Indiana.  All transportation modalities are included: streets, roads, highways, sidewalks, bridges, railroad and bike trails.

The iMPO is outlined by Federal Regulations.  Boundaries adapt to the most current Census of the designated Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). Within this MPA, 40+ different planning partners participate and include representatives from 8 counties, 30+ cities and towns along with 10+ US or Indiana departments/administrations.

A representative from Southport is able to attend, influence, deliberate and vote on all such transit matters occuring in the iMPA.

iMPO plans and recommendations are developed in cooperation with the Indianapolis Regional Transportation Council (IRTC). The iRTC is composed of a Policy Committee and a Technical Committee, both of which meet on a quarterly basis. A special, combined meeting of both committees is typically held at least once a year.

The iMPO prepares an annual work program outlining its work activities for the coming year. The iUPWP is multi-modal in scope and includes highways, transit, pedestrian, and airport related projects as appropriate

Essentially, the iUPWP documents use of Federal Planning Funds and iMPO activities for state and federal agencies, public officials and the public. Each year, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and the Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) must approve it.


120606 iRTC & iMPO (Transit) Meeting

The Agenda for this combined meeting of the iMPO and iRTC focused primarily on consideration of an anticipated amendment to the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (iLRTP).

Minutes before the meeting, Christine Altman, Hamilton County Commissioner reviewed her concerns from the May ’12 meeting of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (iMPO) when the 2012-2nd Quarter Amendment to the 2012-2015 Indianapolis Regional Transit Improvement Program (iRTIP) was not given fair chance for further consideration by iMPO Policy Committee members. The 2012-2035 iRTIP is part of the 2035 Long Range Transit Plan (LRTP).

Furthermore, Altman expressed her belief that past iRTIP Amendments had been approved without similar cost-constrained funding requirements. Lastly, the revised 2012-Q2 Amendment was not presented to the iMPO executive committee for consideration.

As the meeting opened Altman Moved to Bring From The Table the original 2012-Q2 Amendment for final deliberation and decision, RT seconded.

RT then inquired of Chair Tyszkiewicz regarding discussions on this issue at the May ’12 iMPO mtg., whereby; Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) representatives confirmed their interpretations that the 2035 LTRP could be jeopardized if the 96th St. @ Keystone Parkway projects (2211 & # 2216) are included in the 2012-Q2 LTRP Amendment.  Both further described that this project (96th & Keystone) was not yet compliant with cost-constrained requirements as are all other projects contained in the amendment. Without funding commitment(s) from Indiana, Carmel, Fishers, Hamilton County or any combinations thereof; FWHA and INDOT both recommended leaving this project out of the original 2012-Q2 Amendment and to pass the revised amendment. 

The Motion (to Bring from the Table) failed after roll-call vote.

Thoman then Moved to Accept the revised 2012-Q2 Amendment as presented, a second was received where-after the conclusion of public comments, a unanimous vote affirmed the motion.

Altman Moved to Establish an Interim Study Committee to review existing iMPO Policy Committee format and structure.

iMPO members expressed concerns that the current structure of the board and its decisions could be unduly influenced by the iMPO staff without adequate consideration by iMPO members.  RT expressed interest that the Marion County excluded cities can benefit from an improved understanding of discussions and decisions by the iMPO.  A handful of members quickly volunteered to participate in the newly formed committee.  The Motion carried.

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