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  1. Where can I get an application? I would love to volunteer for this position. I know I would fit right in with this administration. I also have no qualifications, no certification, no experience, and no common sense.

    • Come on Larry. Don’t be such a pessimist! There are plenty of subject-matter experts in Southport capable and willing to dedicate their time and talents voluntarily to assist the mayor in watching over the public safety services in our City.

      Members of Team Southport should be stepping up to serve on the Safety Board. Where are M.Mayfield, W.Foxworthy, Mrs.Bick, Mrs. Quinn, et. al.?

      I might criticize Wild Bill Bick for his activities acting as a police officer but he can make for a perfect BPS candidate. He’s lived in our City and watched our neighborhoods intently for many years. He has a personal and emotional stake in Southport. OK, OK: You think I’m being funny; Don’t you? But I’m not!

      Charles Lynch might be another candidate for Testruth to consider. He too has been around for many, many years and also has been paying attention to the neighborhoods and the activities of our Boards, Committee’s and Commissions. He and I disagree on some points of view but I’ve never criticized Buddy in his passion for this City he calls home.

      Any of the councilors from Team Southport would also be a good option. But, I nominate Tom Quinn; and here’s why. Jim Cooney already serves the Redevelopment Commission and Larry Tunget already contributes toward the Public Works Board. I’m not sure if Tunget has been officially appointed or if the ordinance has been amended to allow 5 members, but he’s there regularly. Rose Harrison spends a fair bit of energy toward the Ordinance Technical Committee. Nick Schmoll spends some of his time there too and is important to lend a common sense approach to that important committee and two councilors are needed there.

  2. It sounds like Southport had a Board of Public Safety that had experience and were doing the job they were supposed to be doing.

    The Mayor of Southport must have gotten some bad advice in letting Mr. Bandy and Mr. Harrison be dismissed from their volunteer positions for asking questions on the Chief of Police and the Assistant Chief’s lack of certification.

    I saw an interview of the Mayor on t.v. who agreed that he had an illegal Police Department. It seems like the Board of Public Safety was spot on with their questioning.

    Now the Mayor wants to find new volunteers to fill these positions? Who would want to volunteer for the City of Southport position when everyone knows that if you question any activity concerning Public Safety in Southport that upsets the Mayor or the Police Chief, they will be dismissed? Is there any citizen in Southport who will question nothing and do nothing to appease the Mayor and Chief and pretend that they are doing the right things for the safety of all?

    • This post is from a (different) Sharon than ealier comments posted. I’ll identify this one as Sharon(2) and the first as Sharon(1).

      Any other ideas?

  3. It is hard to be optimistic! If Mayor Testruth wants credibility for this Board he needs to re-examine how he got to this point. It is o.k. to admit that mistakes were made. He should try to repair the mistrust and damage that has occured in the City. Testruth had dedicated quality persons serving the board. Now he has no one. Did any Public Safety meeting get done in June? Should the citizens be optimistic that anything will be resolved by July?
    I had high hopes for the new administration in January. The Mayor was believed when he ran for office and told citizens that he was going to make things better. Ignoring concerns and discarding volunteer citizens is not building community strength. Adding new people to the Board is not going to make the concerns of the old Board just go away and be forgotten.
    Being a leader requires making tough decisions even when they are unpopular. Looking to replace the Board of Public Safety for the reasons he is now looking for new volunteers is not leadership.
    I will remain a pessimist until there is something to be optimistic about.

  4. I knew from the last Council Meeting in May, that Mayor Testruth terminated the Safety Board. I don’t understand why he is doing what he is doing. I heard today that Southport no longer has a CERT program. I thought that one of the Safety Board memebers was in charge of that also. Did he get released from that position also? I do not understand why we do not have this program anymore. Why is it that everything that was doing good in the city is now being eliminated? Can anyone shed some light on what has happened?

    • I too was “onboard” with Jessie. However, who am I as the Public Safety Director not to uphold the laws of the land?

      I am sorry that it ended up like this but the current administration wanted to sweep [improprieties] under [the rug] and act like nothing was wrong. I hope things get better for our City – even if I and Andrew had to “stand up” for Southport and bring the events to light. I wish the best for OUR city.

      Myself and Mayor Thoman didn’t agree on every issue all the time but we could sit down, discuss our differences and move on to get the job done.

      I never was a “Rob Man” as Jessie has put it. Only looking to serve and protect OUR City. God Bless.


      Kevin S Bandy

  5. Who will accept the Public Safety appointment under this administration? Qualifications sound like they will be: ignore state and federal law. And If you try and take action against illegal activity it sounds like you will be dismissed immediately. What a way to serve. Sounds fishy to my….sounds very dictatorship to me….not a government for the people by the people. Perhaps SPD should just be turned over to IMPD. SPD wont follow state or federal law, so why continue the civil and criminal exposure?

  6. The Testruth administration has no public safety plan, or a plan in general; i did hear him once state he wanted to put in crosswalks though…. He has removed everything pure and good for the city, and he has instead chosen to empower everything evil and wrong for this city. Looks like he has empowered his croonies, and they dont have a plan either. Instead it looks like they will take this city and its citizens on a whirlwind of recklessness, and neglient behavior, all of which, Testruth and the Council will continue to approve and support. WHERE ARE THE CITIZENS OF SOUTHPORT? THEY DESERVE BETTER THAN CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF POWER. WHY WONT THEY SPEAK UP AGAINST THIS?

  7. BTW. I would not nominate ANY current Councillors. They ALL have drunk the Testruth koolaid (or someones koolaid…). If we put them in more power…..God help us!

  8. Testruth should take full responsibility for Ellison and Bicks criminal (state and federal) activity. He should clean house, and allow Bandy and Harrison to mop up their mess; if they’ll even come back; I wouldnt come back to this sinking ship..what a mess. What a waste of 4 years.

  9. I find it hard to accept that the Council wouldnt allow an inter-local court agreement during the last administration, but they will allow under the Testruth administration of corruption and negligence….the council wouldnt allow it under Thoman to punish Mayor Thoman; which only punished the citizens of southport. This Council and the Testruth administration are a disgrace to the citizens of southport and to public service.

  10. Being a Rob man is far better than being a Testruth man. At least Rob didnt break the law and try and cover it up, and then dismiss experts who were good for the city, who were trying to do the right thing for the right reason!

  11. Curious, and worried, to know about the current checks and balances of the Testruth Administration.
    Who’s keeping them honest…..hmmm..

  12. I heard Ole Jessie was already getting some “under the table” benefits, My opinion is he a good for nothing. crooked as the day is long.

  13. New Joke for 2013. What are the differences between the current administration of Southport and the Honey Boo Boo clan ? You win if you said absolutely nothing at all.

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