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  1. Thanks to all of the SPD officers that patrol our streets. I am sorry that the top 2 were unqualified. Keep your head high and thanks for serving!!

    • Dear Southport,
      Yes! Thanks to ALL of our officers who serve; Wild Bill & Randy too. I may not like them for personal reasons or for they way they perform in their duties or for their earlier personal attacks against me but they have put themselves in harms way to protect and serve. There is a complaint process to address improprieties and training requirements. but the fact remains; we (I) appreciate the help.

  2. Southport Citizens should not tolerate this abuse of power or cover up by the Testruth Administration. They deserve better. This current administration has abused their authority and violated state and federal law. Where is the recourse? Why arent the citizens demanding more? They deserve better. Testruth should resign from office.

  3. Testruth has been in office for 7 months. He has done NOTHING to improve the quality of life in Southport. What he HAS DONE is allowed his Police Department Command (Ellison and Bick) to violate state and federal law, and he has even assisted them by covering up their law breaking for some reason….
    I vote for Bandy and Harrison to clean this up! God bless them for having the courage to do the right thing!!

  4. I am disgusted with this current administration. Councillors do nothing, and ignore everything. Mayor does the same; but goes a little further by what appears to be even covering up criminal activity. Where are we going as a community? What is really going on? Should I continue to live here? 4 years of possible corruption and inaction looks like it will occur. I dont want to live somewhere like this. What a blown 4 years of opportunity by the Mayor and the Council (if they dont steer this ship in a better direction). Unlikely they will……….they dont like change for the better; they are experts at wasting 4 year terms…

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