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  1. I live in Southport and I was wandering why some people are able to park vehicles in their yards & some aren’t allowed to. As I write this a few houses down have vehicles parked all over their yard,I mean from their front door to the street…I get a warning for just a bumper hanging over the sidewalk..Whats fair for one should be, fair for all…..

    • Good question Mary Mae,

      You are right. The rules should apply to all equally.

      I don’t know that you are being singled out. Did you share your misfortune (warning) with your nieghbors? Have you asked them if they too received a warning citation? Perhaps those properties with visible violations also received a warning citation and you just haven’t found out yet.

      I’d suggest that you call the Southport code enforcement officer or your district representative to pass along your concerns and to report the apparent violations.

      We’re all better offer when the rules are followed and enforced consistently. Hillbilly parking in the yard looks insightly and detracts from the “pride of ownership”; a City aspiration that we all benefit from.

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