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  1. Kudo’s to Lori & Kelly

    Many thanks to Lori Witherall and Kelly Carter in their effort to bring about the 2012 Fall Festival.

    With little experience, these two young ladies put a lot of heart and hard work into the event and pulled off a very nice day. Of course they had lots of help from board members and volunteers.

    Pete Hildebrand, Carole Thoman, Joan Miller, Russell McClure, Libby Mitchell and Joe Davidson all pitched in to solify the event as one of Southport’s feature programs. Duane King, Catherine Hahn, Melanie Ramey and Claire Delahay showed once again how important our local art community can be.

    It was nice to see so many people in the park enjoying music, art, food and classic cars.

    • Mayor Testruth should consider Lori & Kelly for Park Board appointment(s) replacing those members who have recently resigned.

      They first must qualify by living in the required council districts.

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