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Celebrating culture of volunteerism

Celebrating culture of volunteerism

During major tragedies, publicity about volunteerism often takes center stage. Among events that come to mind are the floods of 2008 and the March tornadoes that swept through Southern Indiana. For the latter, thousands of Hoosiers responded within the first week (and are still going strong), showing their love for their fellow Hoosiers by picking up rubble and rebuilding homes and businesses. The same kind of love for neighbors presented itself in the aftermath of … Read entire article »

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The GIFTS Conversation

Focused on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), a decades-old strategy used to lift communities to a better place, this conversation starts and is sustained by focusing on existing assets and building upon them. What are the gifts each of us bring to our community? Rather than focus on our deficiencies and weaknesses (which most likely will not go away), let’s focus on the strengths and capacity we have and capitalize on those. Fortunately, Southport still has many assets and advantages that can be leveraged to revitalize our community: • a village-like setting • neighborhoods within a major Metropolitan center • self- government • a safe and secure community • stable schools • residents with a variety of skills, interests and capacity Action must continue though, to protect our assets (both tangible and intangible) from neglect and decline. Focused … Read entire article »

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Mayor’s Matters: November 2011

Back in the April issue of Southport Matters, I introduced the philosophies of Aspire, Achieve and Advance and began to describe how I believed these concepts related to Southport and to the Southside community. Beginning with ASPIRE in June; I discussed the importance of vision, planning and expectations in our City. In the September Southport Matters, I outlined how we can ACHIEVE aspirations using empowering community qualities of caring, giving, welcoming, joining, accepting and forgiving.  I also challenged my successor and the next Council to achieve twice as much as my administration did, so our community can continue to move forward.  With this final issue of Southport Matters, I am sharing how the concept of ADVANCE involved our three community goals and has resulted in achievements, celebrations and reflections.  Webster’s definition of ADVANCE … Read entire article »

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