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RDC Established in Southport

Southport Council members established the City’s first Redevelopment Commission (RDC) at their monthly meeting this past Monday night with little fanfare. It’s been 4 long years after former Mayor Robin Thoman first introduced the benefits of an RDC to the Southport Council. Mayoral (3) and Council (2) appointments for RDC Commissioners were announced at the same meeting. Russell McClure (certified urban planner), Duane Langreck (registered architect) and James Keller (licensed plumber) were announced as Mayor Testruth’s appointees while Jim Cooney (councilmember) and southside realtor Roger Harris were noted as Common Council appointments. Establishing the RDC has been a long process for the City. It met strong opposition in 2008 from three Southport council members, Rose Harrison, Susan Schmoll and Greg Dant in spite of overwhelming support from Southport citizens, regional officials and … Read entire article »

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Mayor Attempts Removal of Southport Whistleblowers

Mayor Attempts Removal of Southport Whistleblowers

Southsider Voice correspondent, Al Stilley is reporting today that Mayor Testruth has removed Public Safety Director, Kevin Bandy and fellow safety board member, Andrew Harrison from the Southport Safety Board. Both deny any correspondence or official notification from Testruth removing them. “Yes, we walked out of the meeting Saturday when Mayor Testruth could not see that laws were being broken. We didn’t want to be part of the cover-up” said Bandy. “We certainly didn’t resign” … Read entire article »

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