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SOWELL: Obama long on intellectual arrogance

SOWELL: Obama long on intellectual arrogance

After reading Barack Obama’s book “Dreams from My Father,” it became painfully clear that he has not been searching for the truth, because he assumed from an early age that he had already found the truth. Obama did not simply happen to encounter a lot of people on the far left fringe during his life. As he spells out in his book, he actively sought out such people. There is no hint of the slightest curiosity … Read entire article »

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No reason to restrict satellite voting

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Local elections should get more respect.

I can’t escape stories on Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin or Donald Trump, but have to scour the Web to find a few words about Joanne Sanders, Ryan Vaughn or Ed Coleman. more to add when my IBJ account access is restored. Author:Steve Campbell Source: Indianapolis Business Journal essay buy … Read entire article »

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A post-election invitation to look at humanity

If I tell you that a woman smiled and a man cried, I’ve given you facts. If I tell you that a woman smiled and a man cried as their daughter said “I do,” I’ve given you a glimpse of humanity. This twist on an E.M. Forster adage offers a vivid illustration of the way the humanities affect our view of the world around us. By providing depth, perspective and context, the humanities open our eyes to the many layers that lie below the surface of events, ideas, issues and debates. Won’t added layers just add complication? Who needs that? We all do, especially in a time when the media, political conversations and popular culture seem to be filled with polarized and polarizing talk. So, I urge you to use this post-election season to … Read entire article »

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It’s Time to Tone it Down

As the election season swings into full gear we are again barraged with political advertisements and news reports pitting one candidate against the other. The combative climate is marked by an atmosphere of confrontational and uncivil discourse. Although there have always been political divisions, heated debates and disagreements on matters of policy, the polarization in our country seems greater than ever. There is little incentive to reach consensus. In fact, suggesting that the other side might actually have an idea worthy of consideration is tantamount to political suicide. The desire for personal advancement takes precedence over the critical needs of the public welfare, the civil good. Gaining power takes priority over solving problems. Jim Leach, chairman of the National Endowment of the Humanities and a former U.S. representative from Iowa, was recently … Read entire article »

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