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As children of God, we are more alike than different

As children of God, we are more alike than different

My friend and former student, Ashley, is marrying Kevin today. I expect that the wedding celebration will be chock full of ‘different’ sorts of people. I will encounter nonwhites, whites, Hispanics, gays, straights, first-generation Americans and Americans from long-established families, Butler fans, IU fans, Purdue fans and Notre Dame fans. The list can go at length for the different people who will rejoice together. I suspect the reason for such a diverse crowd has something … Read entire article »

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Celebrating culture of volunteerism

Celebrating culture of volunteerism

During major tragedies, publicity about volunteerism often takes center stage. Among events that come to mind are the floods of 2008 and the March tornadoes that swept through Southern Indiana. For the latter, thousands of Hoosiers responded within the first week (and are still going strong), showing their love for their fellow Hoosiers by picking up rubble and rebuilding homes and businesses. The same kind of love for neighbors presented itself in the aftermath of … Read entire article »

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RDC Established in Southport

Southport Council members established the City’s first Redevelopment Commission (RDC) at their monthly meeting this past Monday night with little fanfare. It’s been 4 long years after former Mayor Robin Thoman first introduced the benefits of an RDC to the Southport Council. Mayoral (3) and Council (2) appointments for RDC Commissioners were announced at the same meeting. Russell McClure (certified urban planner), Duane Langreck (registered architect) and James Keller (licensed plumber) were announced as Mayor Testruth’s appointees while Jim Cooney (councilmember) and southside realtor Roger Harris were noted as Common Council appointments. Establishing the RDC has been a long process for the City. It met strong opposition in 2008 from three Southport council members, Rose Harrison, Susan Schmoll and Greg Dant in spite of overwhelming support from Southport citizens, regional officials and … Read entire article »

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Mayor Relieves Ellison & Bick from Command @ SoPD

Mayor Testruth today relieved both Chief Ellison and Asst. Chief Bick from their command positions today after learning from ILEA the neither have acheived the necessary certification to serve as police officers in Indiana. Remarkably, this is exactly what we brough to the Board of Public Safety this Saturday past and dismissed as unimportant.  Seasoned professionals and Board member walked out in protest after Testruth dismissed their concerns.  Ellison admited the he had authorized a marked vehicle, badge, radio and police powers for Bick.  He additionally confirmed that Bick had been using these powers to stop, detain and arrest unwary citizens.   … Read entire article »

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JUST GOT BACK: 11th Annual Mayor’s Diversity Awards

I enjoyed an invitation to the 2012 Celebration of Diversity Awards this past Wednesday, courtesy of Mayor Ballard and last year’s Sam Jones recipient, Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Thanks Shelby. It was my first time to attend this 11th annual event and I genuinely enjoyed the ceremony.  These kinds of events usually thicken my throat and cause me to tear up – just a little.  If I’m lucky, I can face away from the crowd so nobody knows I’m choked up.  It’s a problem when I’m the one front-and-center and it dawns on me that something special was accomplished.  It’s hard to avoid an emotional display.  I know that sounds corny but when I see or hear of my neighbors who are passionate about their community accomplish meaningful achievements; I get all tingly … Read entire article »

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Aspire. Achieve. Advance

The Initial Invitation ~ Aiming Higher                 Welcome, and thank you for taking your time to see why Southport matters to us. If you are like many of my neighbors who think that our small community can be much more, this is the place to learn how we, both as individuals and as a group of concerned residents working together can make a difference. Many people tell me they have often thought that Southport could be so much more. I invite you to be part of the conversation and part of the transformation. It is my hope that you will participate and together we can own the relationships, tasks and processes that can lead to success. I urge you to aim higher. Our neighborhoods can be more, much more. Please join … Read entire article »

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The GIFTS Conversation

Focused on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), a decades-old strategy used to lift communities to a better place, this conversation starts and is sustained by focusing on existing assets and building upon them. What are the gifts each of us bring to our community? Rather than focus on our deficiencies and weaknesses (which most likely will not go away), let’s focus on the strengths and capacity we have and capitalize on those. Fortunately, Southport still has many assets and advantages that can be leveraged to revitalize our community: • a village-like setting • neighborhoods within a major Metropolitan center • self- government • a safe and secure community • stable schools • residents with a variety of skills, interests and capacity Action must continue though, to protect our assets (both tangible and intangible) from neglect and decline. Focused … Read entire article »

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No one benefits from caustic remarks.

Regarding the City of Southport’s financial situation, our community and my administration are challenged with important realities as Southport strives (struggles) to move forward. Our small size and limited resources make it difficult to attract skilled capable residents to city government. Not only must one be capable – one must also be willing – and live in within the borders of the city. Recent incivilities in the nation, the state and yes, right here in our own small city has considerably reduced the number of capable individuals who want to step up to volunteer their time. If you rely on volunteers, one must also accept the limitations when those valued volunteers experience the inevitable conflicts with time, family and career. Ask yourself; how willing are you to volunteer your time to … Read entire article »

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