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Celebrating culture of volunteerism

Celebrating culture of volunteerism

During major tragedies, publicity about volunteerism often takes center stage. Among events that come to mind are the floods of 2008 and the March tornadoes that swept through Southern Indiana. For the latter, thousands of Hoosiers responded within the first week (and are still going strong), showing their love for their fellow Hoosiers by picking up rubble and rebuilding homes and businesses. The same kind of love for neighbors presented itself in the aftermath of … Read entire article »

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Just Got Back: Southports RDC Meeting #1 4JUN12

Just Got Back:  Southports RDC Meeting #1   4JUN12

120604 SoRDC Meeting: This first official meeting of the Southport Redevelopment Commission (SoRDC) was opened by Mayor Testruth and handed to the Commissioners for their internal actions. Russel McClure was quickly selected as RDC Chairman, Duane Langreck as Vice Chair, Roger Harris as Secretary and Jim Cooney as Treasurer. RDC Member Jim Keller also attended as did Councilor N Schmoll. Rob Bettcher, Larry Tunget, Mary Winslow and I followed along from the public gallery. Regular monthly meetings were … Read entire article »

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The OPPORTUNITY Conversation

Southport, like all communities, is pulled by the force of the future – whether we want it or not. The Opportunity Conversation focuses on what we, as residents, want the future of Southport to be, as opposed to merely problem-solving the Southport of the past. The conversation about possibilities frees neighbors to innovate, challenge the status quo, and create new futures that make a difference. Each of us must decide if we will participate in the Opportunity Conversation – or if we will allow our past to passively draw us in the same unproductive direction. In other communities that are in the process of rediscovering, of redeveloping, this conversation between residents and city leaders has created opportunities to break new ground and understand the prevailing culture. I can no longer … Read entire article »

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