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Asst. Chief Bick resigns from SoPD

Asst. Chief Bick resigns from SoPD

Southport Mayor, Jesse Testruth confirmed at Monday nights Council meeting that “Wild Bill” Bick has resigned from his appointed position as Southport’s Assistant Chief of Police.   Testruth announced that IMPD officer, Curtis Johnson would be serving as Deputy Chief “until this big mess gets straightened out”.   The suspended asst. chief has come under fire recently from Public Safety Board members for impersonating an officer.  In April, complaints were received by Southport’s Public Safety Director Kevin Bandy that … Read entire article »

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Mayor Relieves Ellison & Bick from Command @ SoPD

Mayor Testruth today relieved both Chief Ellison and Asst. Chief Bick from their command positions today after learning from ILEA the neither have acheived the necessary certification to serve as police officers in Indiana. Remarkably, this is exactly what we brough to the Board of Public Safety this Saturday past and dismissed as unimportant.  Seasoned professionals and Board member walked out in protest after Testruth dismissed their concerns.  Ellison admited the he had authorized a marked vehicle, badge, radio and police powers for Bick.  He additionally confirmed that Bick had been using these powers to stop, detain and arrest unwary citizens.   … Read entire article »

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Safety Board Walks Out in Protest: Mayor Ignores Concerns of Illegal Activities

Safety Board Walks Out in Protest: Mayor Ignores Concerns of Illegal Activities

Southport’s Director of Public Safety, Kevin Bandy and fellow Board member, Andrew Harrison walked out of the monthly Safety Board meeting in protest after the Mayor, Jesse Testruth and Chief of Police, Randall Ellison failed to curtail alleged illegal activities by certain Southport police department employees. At the forefront of the protest are concerns of legality in recent of police activities by Southport Assistant Chief, William “Wild Bill” Bick.  Bandy calmly explained his concerns but pushback … Read entire article »

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Mayor’s Matters: November 2011

Back in the April issue of Southport Matters, I introduced the philosophies of Aspire, Achieve and Advance and began to describe how I believed these concepts related to Southport and to the Southside community. Beginning with ASPIRE in June; I discussed the importance of vision, planning and expectations in our City. In the September Southport Matters, I outlined how we can ACHIEVE aspirations using empowering community qualities of caring, giving, welcoming, joining, accepting and forgiving.  I also challenged my successor and the next Council to achieve twice as much as my administration did, so our community can continue to move forward.  With this final issue of Southport Matters, I am sharing how the concept of ADVANCE involved our three community goals and has resulted in achievements, celebrations and reflections.  Webster’s definition of ADVANCE … Read entire article »

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