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Testruth asks for volunteers: Public Safety Board needs help

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Just Got Back: Southport, Maine

Just Got Back: Southport, Maine

write essay for money p>Although Carole and I have been fortunate to have crisscrossed the country a few times in our 24 years of traveling together, we have never been able to check off the Pine Tree State from our travel wish-list.  We shouldn’t have waited so long.  The scenery and wilderness was as beautiful as any we’ve seen AND we were able to check off another “Southport” from our list as well. This Town of Southport … Read entire article »

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Patching up Southport

Patching up Southport

Mike Alexander, Southside Times on 30MAY12 reports:   Southport Mayor Jesse Testruth has been on the job for nearly six months, and he is working to patch up hostile differences within this community of 2,000 residents. For the past four years under the administration of Dr. Rob Thoman, the community nestled east of Madison Avenue on Southport Road, has been in turmoil for lack of budgetary figures presented to city council members, and not having prayer at the … Read entire article »

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De Activate Southport Matters, Nevah!

De Activate Southport Matters, Nevah!

skin whitening forever p>Looks like someone is going rogue, Sir … Read entire article »

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RDC Established in Southport

Southport Council members established the City’s first Redevelopment Commission (RDC) at their monthly meeting this past Monday night with little fanfare. It’s been 4 long years after former Mayor Robin Thoman first introduced the benefits of an RDC to the Southport Council. Mayoral (3) and Council (2) appointments for RDC Commissioners were announced at the same meeting. Russell McClure (certified urban planner), Duane Langreck (registered architect) and James Keller (licensed plumber) were announced as Mayor Testruth’s appointees while Jim Cooney (councilmember) and southside realtor Roger Harris were noted as Common Council appointments. Establishing the RDC has been a long process for the City. It met strong opposition in 2008 from three Southport council members, Rose Harrison, Susan Schmoll and Greg Dant in spite of overwhelming support from Southport citizens, regional officials and … Read entire article »

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My! Oh My! What a difference – now that the gavel is in the other hand.

Few southsiders can forget the brew-ha-ha created four years ago in Southport when Councilors walked out and neglected the business of the city after the former mayor omitted sectarian prayer during council meetings.  All the local TV channels showed up and citizens from both sides of the issue packed the Southport community room to see the sideshow continue.  Even a national cable program, the O’Reilly Factor jumped in to fray.  Local citizen, Charles Lynch caused a ruckus during council meetings and he ended up spending the night in jail after his arrest for assaulting a police officer outside the meeting.  It was in all the local papers. Then, Councilors Dant, (Susan) Schmoll and Harrison were most vocal in their admonitions and condemnations of the mayor.  Dant and Schmoll even promised to … Read entire article »

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JUST GOT BACK: 11th Annual Mayor’s Diversity Awards

I enjoyed an invitation to the 2012 Celebration of Diversity Awards this past Wednesday, courtesy of Mayor Ballard and last year’s Sam Jones recipient, Parsons Brinckerhoff.  Thanks Shelby. It was my first time to attend this 11th annual event and I genuinely enjoyed the ceremony.  These kinds of events usually thicken my throat and cause me to tear up – just a little.  If I’m lucky, I can face away from the crowd so nobody knows I’m choked up.  It’s a problem when I’m the one front-and-center and it dawns on me that something special was accomplished.  It’s hard to avoid an emotional display.  I know that sounds corny but when I see or hear of my neighbors who are passionate about their community accomplish meaningful achievements; I get all tingly … Read entire article »

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